The Davis Method for dyslexia and ADHD

We have a new tutor on our books, Tania Blackmore-Squires, who is a an experienced teacher at primary level and also a Davis method facilitator. She says:

“Davis believes that dyslexia and similar learning differences like dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD and dysgraphia, stem from innate patterns of thinking and learning that are associated with high levels of creativity, strong problem-solving and three-dimensional learning abilities.

Davis methods teach a visual and meaning-based approach which is much easier for struggling but bright learners to grasp and use. This in turn leads to much more rapid progress than traditional instruction.

Repetition and drill are a waste of time for learners of this type, and frustration increases if they do not fully understand how the information fits into the ‘big picture’. The Davis approach is based on mastery. Once mastered, the information is understood inherently and does not need to be be practised or reviewed.

The Davis method puts students in charge of their own learning, mental focus and energy levels. When they start to employ learning methods which capitalise on their talents, then progress is rapid. When dyslexic students recognise their own talents, their confidence and self esteem improve.

This method can be taught to school-aged children and adults alike.”

Tania is available to teach people how to use their inherent gifts. She can be employed as a support tutor on a weekly / regular basis, or alternatively can provide the entire course over a full-time week in the holidays.

For further details and to get in touch with her, please message:

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